Plenty of sleep

Sleep seems to be the ticket for recovery. I felt great this morning, took a short drive, and extended my walk to the clubhouse.

More sleep tonight….

Thanks, everyone

I’ve seen a lot of notes and got a lot of emails wishing me the best, which I appreciate. Folk are being nice, so thank you all for the nice comments.

Today I doubled my walking distance, and went for a ride with Grace from the park to pick up a prescription. I’m supposed to […]

A good day

I was up at 2AM making breakfast, and having dinner at 5AM, but got some sleep, a shower, and took a (very tiny) walk. The hallucinations have receded, and tonight Kathy brought me a posole dinner. Dave took out my garbage. Grace is standing by for rides or something.

So I’m getting lots of help. […]


What I need the most right now is sleep. Schedules at the hospital were for 24, 12, 6, 4, 2, and every hour, meaning it’s impossible to stay asleep for any length of time. It will take a few nights of quiet to get back on schedule.

Most folks’ bodies need extra sleep after surgery […]

Home now

I had three bypasses.

Now home and exhausted. Very tired.

Not quite out

While the surgeon allowed me to leave this morning, my two trusted nurses wanted me to wait another day while I became more mobile. I respect their opinion (thanks Sarah and Hannah).

Besides, I see Donald Trump is running around loose out there; dangerous situation….


I don’t know whether I had 3 or 4 bypasses, maybe more. Coming out of surgery was sure rough, though. Oh, everything worked well, but then came a litany of pills that I couldn’t swallow, nor keep down. A fix for the problem was a nurse change, who was making the situation worse.

After four […]

Hospital tomorrow

My surgeon had to change his appointment with me again today, and then added some tests he hadn’t thought of before, all of which added up to gobbling my entire day for something that should have taken a half hour.

I have rides arranged to get me in in plenty of time, and I figure […]

Getting ready

Next week some people I don’t know are going to turn off my brain, stop my heart, paralyze my body, and halt breathing.

Seems a lot like death to me. They promise it will only last 6 hours. Now, who are these people again?

Where will I be?

Which is a good incentive to do […]

Surgery schedule

I finally got the new schedule for my heart surgery. I meet the doctor on Monday, and go in for the operation on Tuesday. It’s scheduled so that I can get there by ferry without having to stay overnight in Seattle.

They guess I’ll be in the hospital for 5 nights, but this is subject […]