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Wildfire in the Rain Forest

A small fire has broken out in the Olympic National Park, deep within the wilderness portion, often referred to as the rain forest, the wettest spot in the lower 48. It’s been burning for about a month, and there is no access to it. It will burn until autumn rains come to put it out.

Experts have been foolishly quoted as saying “there hasn’t been a fire here in 600 years”. Well, if you want to be factual about it, there hasn’t been a fire here in 150 years.

600 years ago a Greek in a taverna described an inlet to the Pacific that looked amazingly like the Strait of Juan de Fuca, which was then named after him 200 years later. Since he is not reported to have said, in a Greek taverna 600 years ago, that the Olympics were burning, we have proof it hasn’t happened since then.

There’s a fire in the rain forest….

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