Thanks, everyone

I’ve seen a lot of notes and got a lot of emails wishing me the best, which I appreciate. Folk are being nice, so thank you all for the nice comments.

Today I doubled my walking distance, and went for a ride with Grace from the park to pick up a prescription. I’m supposed to stay active, practice walking, etc. Fine, but then I get a nap to recover.

A few years ago a friend of mine, Howie, encountered a serious disease that required long and complicated treatment. Norah took on his care management, and soon had a rather ridiculous collection of notebooks and binders and files. I laughed, but she insisted that the stupid amount of work necessary to check everything was critical and worth it.

After one encounter with the medical system the light bulb came on and I said, “Oh, I must implement the Norah method right now before we get any further.” My situation isn’t of the scale of Howie’s, but it’s obvious that our health care system is capable of screwing things up no matter how small.

The hospital prescribed baby aspirin to me. Fine, I bought in bulk a while back. I asked Walmart to cancel that order just so no one would at me funny while I paid retail rates for something that has no value. When I got to pick up the legit prescription, the aspirin was included (30 tablets). I felt terrible, buying something so trivial with insurance. But the paperwork was already done, after medicare and insurance, I needed to pay 41 cents.

That’s the deal for something worth a buck: I’ll be looking at charges of tens of thousands soon enough.

For some of my friends, I am all for the single-payer system of health delivery, but I’m not going to watch stupidity eat into taxpayer’s funds or overlook such crap because it’s “only 41 cents. Just pay it and go on”.

Tomorrow I relax and watch for side-effects from the new stuff.

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