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Scheduling hassles

A few days ago I got a call from my cardio surgeon’s office that suggested I was going to have my “procedure” much sooner than I expected. I expressed concern because it looked to me that something had gone wrong somewhere. Later, they tried to change it and I balked because I need to arrange transportation on/off the peninsula. We were at a standoff with the next available date being the next week. Fine. I’ll continue to work my options.

Today they called to say the appointment I had with the surgeon on Monday was canceled. Since it was Friday, no one was around to resolve things today, so I guess I wait until Monday to hear something.

Meanwhile I leave Point Hudson tomorrow and go back to my lot in Chimacum, and Dave and Kathy head over to Smitty’s on Marrowstone Island. We’ve had an interesting time here. The weather has been ridiculously warm and dry, the air has been filled with smoke all week from fires on Vancouver Island, and one of our ferry boats grounded itself, shutting down ferries to Whidbey Island.

Birthday party for Maizie and Amos on Sunday, ferries permitting.

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