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Hospital results

The good news was not there, so I’m in for heart surgery in two weeks. Whoopee.

My cardiologist has been great in understanding and accommodating my travel lifestyle. While I’ve reminded him that while I like my style, it is flexible by definition so he needn’t get too concerned about it. But he sticks to getting everything fixed up so I can take off for the winter. [I’m thinking he’s looking at retirement himself and is actively considering the lifestyle].

Others I met in the medical profession aren’t so understanding. They have a lot of questions about what I do.

The biggest one, the one that occurs first, the one that’s least asked until finally, just as I left the hospital today, is “Why are you so tan?”. I’ve many answers to that question, depending on how I want the conversation to go. Now, “tan” is a relative concept; in the SW I’d be regarded as “snowbird” pale.

Anyway, I’m out of the hospital with nothing more than a bandaid to show for my experience (I wonder how many tens of thousands I spent?), and looking forward to spending some days at Pt Hudson next week with Dave and Kathy. This one has been for practice, the real shit happens in two weeks.

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