Back into the hospital

I go in on Wednesday for an angioplasty, the next logical step after the results from the nuclear test came in. The extent of my problem seems to be much confined, not a disaster at all. It is an overnight thing, though. I’ll leave my truck at the ferry terminal on this side, and Kate […]

Pot: Washington law changes

The Washington legislature has a long ways to go to clean up the mess with the marijuana laws they themselves created. They made a few advances over the weekend.

The tax structure has been changed, amounting to a modest reduction for the consumer. It was 25% on the grower, 25% on the processor, and 25% […]

It’s hot here

In the 80’s maybe the 90’s this weekend. This is astoundingly unusual this time of year. Normal is 58, overcast, with drizzle and showers. Of course, over in Eastern Washington it will be dry and 107, again a tad unusual this time of year.

It’s Gay Pride weekend in Seattle, a rather monstrous party made […]

Driving while talking on cell phone

That’s illegal in Washington. I’ve sat at the light at WA19 and WA20 watching car after car make a left in front of me while every other driver was on the phone.

[Note to gov’t eavesdroppers: I’m at 2481 Anderson Lake Rd, #218]

I answered the phone while driving on WA20, and was talking when […]

Where I am

The Olympic peninsula is pretty far out there when it comes to the continental US. In fifteen minutes I can go from farmland to national park to national wilderness. In another 30 minutes I could be in a place that no human has trod.

A fire has broken out in the Olympic wilderness. Some say […]

Fresh produce

Over the last few years my favorite BBQ places in the area closed down leaving me with just one. Likewise, several produce stands also closed down, making me go further and further to find, for example, Yakima fruit.

The Central Market in Poulsbo does well in stocking their displays, but the prices are high. A […]

Pot: A few items

The Denver Post looked at current cannabis prices compared to a year ago. They report that eighths (an eighth ounce, 3.5 grams, a common retail sales quantity) are selling for $30-$45. Washington stores (by my observation) are selling eighths for $35-$60. Washington taxes are much higher, but the quantity of product is now keeping prices […]

I’m radioactive

I had the “nuclear” test done today that I’ve been waiting for, but results are a week away. For the next three days I’m “visible” to anything looking for radioactivity so I have a note to show whoever needs to know. I figured this meant airports, but they said since I ride the ferries I’ll […]

Feeling better

Since I quit the statin last Thursday, I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in two months. I had no concept what that stuff was doing to me, physically and mentally. I have no doubt that stuff can add years to one’s life, but at a cost that I really don’t want […]

Meet the cardiologist

He’s a good guy and today he got things moving along for my medical problems. He was nice enough to suggest laying off the statin for a while, then trying another after a few weeks. The side effects from Lipitor are terrible, and I’m looking forward to recovering from them. I was slowly losing almost […]