Driving while talking on cell phone

That’s illegal in Washington. I’ve sat at the light at WA19 and WA20 watching car after car make a left in front of me while every other driver was on the phone.

[Note to gov’t eavesdroppers: I’m at 2481 Anderson Lake Rd, #218]

I answered the phone while driving on WA20, and was talking when I myself made that left turn today. It was my cardiologist calling, I have an appointment tomorrow with him.

They said a meeting had come up and they need to reschedule me. Instead of 1:45, they wanted 4:00.

It was with some hassle I got an appointment with this man, who being a high-ranking cardio in the U of W medical system, one of the biggest in the nation, is one of the most expensive places imaginable health-care-wise. Good people, but ridiculously expensive. They are extremely adamant about meeting appointments, and not being late. I was to follow up after having a very expensive test.

They proposed an appointment at 4. Tomorrow, on Friday. That’s not acceptable to me because I would get out of there at 5, then head to get in line at the ferry dock at the height of Friday afternoon rush hour. Usual wait would be 2-3 hours. The alternative was an appointment on July 23, a month from now.

Me and the doctors know we are running against time to get my problem diagnosed. I knew this guy wouldn’t like the July date. [I like the me and the doctors grammar: show me the rule book if you disagree] .

A few hours later I got a call. The office can have me on Tuesday…no, on Monday. Obviously the doctor got involved to keep this project moving.

It’s hot here, upper 80’s.

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