Back into the hospital

I go in on Wednesday for an angioplasty, the next logical step after the results from the nuclear test came in. The extent of my problem seems to be much confined, not a disaster at all. It is an overnight thing, though. I’ll leave my truck at the ferry terminal on this side, and Kate will take me from the ferry to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dave and Kathy are staying on Whidbey at the Naval base, which has a very nice RV park. So I’m walking on to the ferry tomorrow and Dave will drive me around the island and show me the RV park. It’s all about the view.

On Sunday D&K and I head out of the park here and go to Point Hudson for the week or so. We’ve pulled this off a few times now, and it’s always a good time. It’s about the view, of course.

Hot here. Not normal at all.

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