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Pot: A few items

The Denver Post looked at current cannabis prices compared to a year ago. They report that eighths (an eighth ounce, 3.5 grams, a common retail sales quantity) are selling for $30-$45. Washington stores (by my observation) are selling eighths for $35-$60. Washington taxes are much higher, but the quantity of product is now keeping prices low in Washington. In Vancouver, the stores are keeping their prices high because they serve the Portland market.

Sales in Washington set a new record last Friday at $2 million for the day, so retail sales are increasing every week.

Oregon celebrates completely legal cannabis next week, though growers and stores won’t be up and running until next year. It’s legal to own, grow for yourself, and give away your cannabis, but there aren’t any licenses available yet for stores. I’ve mentioned before that Oregon already grows enough pot to provide for half the nation, and most folk are already buying as medical patients or on the sophisticated black market. A lot of customers go to Vancouver which is taking advantage of the situation as far as it goes.

I mentioned that WA set a sales record on Friday, all records have been set on Fridays. The slowest sales day is Sunday. This suggests that a lot of the customers are weekenders, and that a small percentage are every-day buyers, suggesting an addiction problem. A study is being conducted by analyzing raw sewage for the remnants of THC to determine how much a community consumes, and how fast.

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