Meet the cardiologist

He’s a good guy and today he got things moving along for my medical problems. He was nice enough to suggest laying off the statin for a while, then trying another after a few weeks. The side effects from Lipitor are terrible, and I’m looking forward to recovering from them. I was slowly losing almost all body functions with that crap.

I had him verify that while the statin does something (reduce bad cholesterol), it’s not clear where cholesterol comes from or whether it matters it be reduced. So I’m having a hard time why I should endure the side effects while it does something really well that doesn’t mean anything. He’ll need to explain that conundrum somewhere along the line.

Next week will be a test (nuclear, radioactive, oh my) to finish off the diagnosis process, so I’ll know before the end of June what the treatment plan is. Pretty good, as I need to know the plan to lay out my travel schedule. Having it before July really helps.

I was impressed that the doc had the information from Nevada, Group Health, and my new GP. It was print-outs, but at least he had it. And, he was entirely familiar with my travel behavior and habits. I didn’t think the doctors would be interested in that, but they seem to pay attention because it can potentially screw up treatment plans.

So that was a good day.

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