Pot: Lawmaking news

Colorado had a successful rollout of it’s retail cannabis business because they had a medical marijuana (MMJ) that was working well. That MMJ law is up for renewal in 2016, and lawmakers seem to be taking a harsh approach to it. Those folks operating MMJ facilities aren’t paying taxes and are the source for the […]

Enough of Sitting Around

When I pull out on Sunday I will have spent 6 weeks in Deming this winter, a signal that I like the place, and a sure sign I will be spending more time here in the future. I like Deming, but why?

The restaurants are plentiful and good. There’s a walmart, and there is Pepper’s […]

Moving around Deming

I relocated from the Low-Hi Ranch to the Escapee’s lot today, to get a different view, and to hear some trains. I’ll be here a week then head west to do some birding.

Actually, I’ll be in excellent birding spots for the next 6 weeks, before heading north with the birds. I’m starting to dream […]


I had a good Green Chile Cheeseburger at the Patio in Columbus yesterday, so today I went to Hatch to have Sparky’s BBQ. Sparky’s has the number 3 or 4 best GCCB in NM, but their BBQ is just as good. As with all BBQ, regional and local differences apply. Sparky’s is Texas style, but […]

Pot: T’is the season to make laws

Alaska and Oregon are in the process of developing regulations for legal recreational marijuana. In Oregon, arrests for pot will stop in July of 2015, but licenses for growing and selling won’t be issued until January 2016. That’s six months that helps the largest marijuana retailer in Washington, Vancouver’s New Vansterdam store.

Oregon is scrambling […]

Hanging out in Deming

There can be no complaints about the weather here. Winter might be ending in NM.

I’ve been doing stuff like visiting Hatch, going to the Pink Store, repairing a drawer that had shaken itself apart, getting mail, filing income taxes, trying out restaurants. Maybe fixed a window leak.

Bobbie recommended the Adobe Deli, which I […]

The worst play call ever

The Seahawks threw away a Super Bowl that was theirs, except for some idiot that made an outrageously stupid play call.

Out of a nation of 300 million, 299.999 million would have given the ball to Lynch for the touchdown.

The commercials were really disappointing. Way too much bummer stuff, way too much computer-generated animal […]

Deming, Round Two

I’m back at the Low-Hi Ranch in Deming, paid up for two weeks. At 4300 feet, it will be cold here at night, but the forecast is for sun during the day. Good TV coverage here, so the football game is available.

That was a bit of rain in the last few days, but nothing […]