Enough of Sitting Around

When I pull out on Sunday I will have spent 6 weeks in Deming this winter, a signal that I like the place, and a sure sign I will be spending more time here in the future. I like Deming, but why?

The restaurants are plentiful and good. There’s a walmart, and there is Pepper’s supermarket, an independent. Jimmy’s is great for RV repair, and all RV parking is cheap, good, and easy to get into. This is a great place for motels for those on the road.

What is not here is any kind of shopping, no strip malls, no theaters, no downtown to speak of, no nightlife, no sports bars or taverns. The truck stop shut down fairly recently, so the truckers bypass the place. No casinos, no national parks, no historical sites.

One of the best green chili cheeseburgers is in Hatch, just a 100 mile round trip, which I gladly make twice a week. And a trip to Mexico is only 60 miles RT. If I really needed something from a regular shopping mall, it’s just a 200 mile rt to Las Cruces.

The museum is excellent, way far above the town itself. Two collections are outstanding, the rocks and the Mimbres pottery. Rocks and pots people know this, though.

Oh, and as I write this, spine-tingling awesome sunsets. Tonight’s seems to be about yellow/orange. Geez, as I watch it’s getting better. Wow.

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