Pot: Lawmaking news

Colorado had a successful rollout of it’s retail cannabis business because they had a medical marijuana (MMJ) that was working well. That MMJ law is up for renewal in 2016, and lawmakers seem to be taking a harsh approach to it. Those folks operating MMJ facilities aren’t paying taxes and are the source for the competing black market. Discussion in Colorado is leaning towards extremely strict controls over the MMJ businesses, which will encourage their switch to the regulated retail system, or go away.

In Washington State, which had no MMJ laws, three major proposals for fixing the problem are in the legislature. One is very tough, one is very easy and friendly, and one is in between. One difference between them is whether medical marijuana users and growers should be recorded on a state database to be made available to law enforcement, federal included.

Obviously, the majority of the players in the MMJ system might not want their names given to the FBI.

The very tough bill seems to have favor right now, but that can change.

Remember that the states are attempting to control (or is it to take over?) an underground industry that has been functioning quite well for 50 years; two, nearly three generations. Imposing more controls without offering suitable compensation will just drive the underground deeper. Believe me, the growers are much smarter than politicians.

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