Hanging out in Deming

There can be no complaints about the weather here. Winter might be ending in NM.

I’ve been doing stuff like visiting Hatch, going to the Pink Store, repairing a drawer that had shaken itself apart, getting mail, filing income taxes, trying out restaurants. Maybe fixed a window leak.

Bobbie recommended the Adobe Deli, which I had never tried. It’s kinda out of the way, though it’s just on the other side of the hill where Rockhound SP is. The food is excellent, and reasonably priced. The building itself is something to see. The bar and tables are covered in sheet copper, the bar is really adobe, it’s rail track that makes the footbar. Decoration is taxidermy, hundreds of items. And there is a lot more to see in what is really a museum with a great bar and restaurant.

I recommend it highly. Lunch is great, but Fri and Sat nights would be great for dinner. The bar is ridiculously well-stocked.

Benji’s is a fairly new place in Deming, occupying the old drive-in near McDonalds. Treat it as a Mexican food place, though they have hamburgers. The Mexican is exactly to my liking: Taco food-cart style. Everything is done to exacting quality. After trying the many Deming Mexican restaurants (all are great), Benji’s is just a tad different.

Refried beans are the norm up here, though there is a place in Columbus that serves bean soup, which you’d find frequently in South Texas (Rio Grande Valley). Unfortunately I can’t recommend that place.

The roadrunners and I have made peace, I’m not surprised when they’re suddenly underfoot, and they don’t care about me anymore. They eat bugs like beetles, scorpions, roaches, and spiders, and critters like lizards and snakes. Because they do, I cannot find anything around here to feed them. Which goes to show how handy they are. And their colors are growing bright right now, which means some male-female drama will be happening soon.

Cooler weather coming in, I have no idea what I’m doing next.

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