I had a good Green Chile Cheeseburger at the Patio in Columbus yesterday, so today I went to Hatch to have Sparky’s BBQ. Sparky’s has the number 3 or 4 best GCCB in NM, but their BBQ is just as good. As with all BBQ, regional and local differences apply. Sparky’s is Texas style, but they have a lot of salt in their rub. The beans side is one of the best I’ve had.

Hatch is funny without the chilis. All the crop is gone and the processing facilities are sitting completely empty, not to be working again until fall. The only business going full speed is Sparky’s serving the tourists.

I parked across from the Hatch Museum, which is the Official Interim Spaceport Visitor Center. I’ve been watching the Spaceport since NM decided to build it (at taxpayer expense) and am always disappointed when I get here to see that there aren’t any launches yet. Space-X promises to locate there as soon as they have a working system. Today, a NM legislator introduced a bill to sell off the port, recoup the money for the loans, and get out of the boondoggle entirely.

But, wait a minute. I learned today that a major tenant of the facility is the Rocket Racing League. Now, I haven’t checked out this organization, but I’d like to imagine it’s the infant for a future NASCAR-like spectacle. You can watch the launches and landings at the Spaceport, or you can go up to watch the far turn in space around a buoy. Or maybe the moon.

One day we’ll hear about a solo 14 year girl going around the moon to set a record. She’ll be from Truth Or Consequences, her mother a rocket pilot from the first space war against the Chinese.

Myself, I want to see a launch at the Spaceport.

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