Burning Man

Day one.

I hit the highway to the venue with nine miles to go at 12:15, and at about ten miles per hour or less called it good at 3 PM. Not bad.

First order of business was to help Jim, a first-timer, set up his tent. In the wind. With near-zero visibility because of […]

Going to Burning Man

The gates open a day early this year, and I’m only about 2 hours away, so I’m heading there this morning.

As usual, I don’t know what kind of internet there will be. I might be able to see email, but may not post on my blog.

My plan is to land in Fallon next […]

La Pine, Oregon–on the way to Burning Man

I wanted an extra day in my travel to Burning Man in case fires delayed me or forced a long detour, but that won’t be necessary so I’ve got a day in La Pine. There is a lot to do in this area, basically the caldera of a huge volcano. This is classic Oregon high […]

Touring the Valley

I spent the day just driving the valley, looking at the crops that flourish here. Apples, of course, then pears, peaches, corn, tomatoes, melons, hops and mint. The nice thing about Yakima is that it’s at it’s best growing food for humans, so the corn is sweet corn.

I see more hop fields this year, […]


Always a favorite place of mine. The first stop is always the tavern to see many old friends and my brother. It doesn’t take a lot of beers to get caught up on what’s going on in Yakima, as things move pretty slow here.

Jo and Ken were in the SW with their motorhome last […]

Packing Up

It’s been an eventful summer for me: I gained a new granddaughter, got a lot at the Escapee Park, bought a boat, and enjoyed a week at Point Hudson. On Monday I go to Yakima for a few days, then head to Burning Man near Reno. I’m looking forward to Yakima, Toppenish is where I […]

I’ve De-Simplified My Life

For seven years I’ve traveled with absolutely everything I own in my house on wheels, or in my truck. If something new came in, something old had to go out. It was very simple and worked very well.

Then I got a lot with a shed. Now the stuff doesn’t haven’t to go out never […]

Pot: An addendum

The Washington law is quite thorough, even onerous at times. There’s one clause in it that everyone recognizes as insane:

A person is allowed 72 ounces of marijuana-infused liquid.

This was likely a copy and paste clause from the liquor rules.

Generally speaking, a marijuana infusion is a concentrate, and a concentrate is the ultimate […]

Pot: So, Is It Botched?

The Liquor Control Board has issued 164 grower’s licenses, and 43 retailer licenses so far in Washington State. Few of those store licenses have actually opened, and when they have there is very little product available for sale. So why has it taken so long, compared to Colorado?

Colorado had a licensed medical infrastructure […]

Pot: Has Washington Botched the Legalization?

Writers from Colorado are referring to Washington’s process of regulating as failed or botched, and I can see why they think that. Coloradans voted to legalize in November, and by January product was for sale everywhere in Colorado. The first and only retail store in Seattle opened in July, and since has sold at best […]