Packing Up

It’s been an eventful summer for me: I gained a new granddaughter, got a lot at the Escapee Park, bought a boat, and enjoyed a week at Point Hudson. On Monday I go to Yakima for a few days, then head to Burning Man near Reno. I’m looking forward to Yakima, Toppenish is where I park, and it’s farm fields filled with the freshest and best fruit and vegetables in the nation right now. And the valley is flat, surrounded by brown hills with no trees. I like trees, but I’ve seen enough of them for a little while. Plus, I get to see my brother and other friends.

The big if in my travels are the fires in Washington and Oregon. My route is through a notorious fire area, though it seems to me there isn’t anything left to burn along US97 after the last several years. Once I get to the Nevada desert, the idea is to light very big fires.

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