I’ve De-Simplified My Life

For seven years I’ve traveled with absolutely everything I own in my house on wheels, or in my truck. If something new came in, something old had to go out. It was very simple and worked very well.

Then I got a lot with a shed. Now the stuff doesn’t haven’t to go out never to be seen again, it can go into the shed! That leaves a surprisingly large amount of space in my house that I can fill with stuff!. Then, move it to the shed next year!

With my lot I got a storage space. Two, actually, but I’m not falling for that one right now (Hmmm, a truck camper would be nice for Alaska). So I bought a boat on a trailer, which is filled with stuff. For the winter, the boat stuff goes into the shed (Is the shed big enough?) and I have to cover the boat for the winter. It’s parked under trees which would fill it with needles, the cover must survive wind storms, and the rain must be shed. So the covering job is quite challenging.

I’m getting ready to move again, which used to involve stashing the coffee maker, pulling in the slides, and going. I’ve gone the wrong direction, I fear.

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