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Pot: An addendum

The Washington law is quite thorough, even onerous at times. There’s one clause in it that everyone recognizes as insane:

A person is allowed 72 ounces of marijuana-infused liquid.

This was likely a copy and paste clause from the liquor rules.

Generally speaking, a marijuana infusion is a concentrate, and a concentrate is the ultimate molecule without the plant matter. In Yakima, hops and mint are processed to concentrates, the valuable molecules only to assure consistency and reduce shipping and storage costs. Vials of concentrate are extremely pricey.

Marijuana can be concentrated the same way, at equally high cost. As with hops and mint, marijuana can be concentrated to 90% pure THC (the active component). Take 71 ounces of this concentrate, add an ounce of water to be legal, and you have 4.5 pounds of a deadly product. (Hops and mint is just as deadly at this concentration). Enough to satisfy the market in Illinois in one jar.

This could be a good way of exporting stuff to China, say. In the meantime I hope no one takes advantage of this clause.

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