Slab City

The forecast for the SoCal region is pretty dire, a lot of rain is expected. For a safe haven I’m at Slab City, at the LOWs compound until there’s an all-clear early next week.

Chances are the Salton Sea area won’t have much activity, the San Bernadinos stopping the weather. But, I can use the […]

To Slab City Tomorrow

I managed to get a Burning Man ticket today (a bit of a hassle, and quite pricey) so my tasks here at Q are complete. I’m off to Slab City. A bit of weather is coming in tomorrow, and I want to be parked well before it comes in. I might have to sit it […]

Arizona, again

Why is it that every winter the AZ legislature passes some goofy law that can’t work or is destined to be declared unconstitutional? This time we might see a clue on why they so frequently make idiots of themselves: some of the lawmakers said they didn’t know what they were voting for. In Arizona, that […]

End of Quartzsite

The vendors were busy packing up today, most leases ending at the end of the month. I made a pass around for the remainder tables, but if I didn’t want it at deep discount a month ago, why would I want it want it now? Quartzsite junk is junk no matter how much you pay.


Quiet at Quartzsite

Things are much quieter here now, and I like it. There are still the basic sellers around, but the transients have pretty much left. The best deal is that traffic is down to nothing.

Several weeks ago I spotted a refurbished Xantrax inverter at Discount Solar which looked like it would fit the bill for […]

The Cannabis Business in Washington

The Liquor Control Board is reviewing applications for grower, producer, and retail licenses in Washington right now. Their rules set limits on the total amount of the grow in the state. Ostensibly, that guess matches the retail consumption so that there wouldn’t be any exports from the state.

But no one knows what the demand […]

Back at Q

The BLM gave me an exit date in Yuma, but I was tired of the train and plane noise anyway. I plan on several days of the more quiet environment here, the Hi Jolly area. I’m looking for a good deal on an inverter and figure this might be a good time to look for […]

Yuma HamFest

I hold a radio amateur’s license, ham for short. Yuma has a Ham Festival every year, a gathering of hams at the fairgrounds. Every two or three years I go to see if they have discovered what relevance they have nowadays. The crowd gets smaller and older every time I show up.

No, I saw […]

Cannabis Business

There. Now the banks can provide services to legal cannabis businesses. The justifications for twisting the laws a bit include public safety because of the cash involved, and the fear of money laundering by criminal elements, two things that have been around ever since prohibition. Whatever, life is easier for legit business people now.

The […]

Pretty evening

The full moon rising on the east, an acceptable desert sunset to the west, warm temperatures, no wind. Very nice.

Had my teeth cleaned in Algodones this morning. Got there early so no waiting, and no problems found. I was pleased they had remodeled their office. Correction, their patient rooms. The medicos in Algodones don’t […]