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Arizona, again

Why is it that every winter the AZ legislature passes some goofy law that can’t work or is destined to be declared unconstitutional? This time we might see a clue on why they so frequently make idiots of themselves: some of the lawmakers said they didn’t know what they were voting for. In Arizona, that lets them off the hook. Perfectly normal, completely understandable.

I thought the laugher for the year would be Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s proposed law requiring the feds to seek permission from the local sheriff before enforcing any laws, but I think that one failed. Joe has more DOJ and FBI staff watching him and his deputies than he has staff in his department.

So what’s happened to the Republican Party? Seems like not a day goes by without them pissing off somebody: immigrants, people of color, gays, women. And this latest screw-up in AZ attacks the business and tourism industries in the state. Geez, that’s who feeds and clothes these guys!

The AZ GOP needs a mother to watch over them…

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