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Mayor Nagin

I was impressed by Nagin after Katrina, he showed a monstrous amount of calmness and dedication during impossible times. Especially compared to the federal “leadership” then. Oh sure, I knew well the history of corruption and shenanigans completely baked into New Orleans politics, but there are times when flexibility is called for. People dieing in the stadium, over mythical weapons in Iraq, for instance.

I gave him a pass given the situation. Cut a couple of corners, but get back to the straight and narrow as quickly as possible.

Then it was that his family had been on a Hawaii vacation, and he claimed he didn’t know who paid for it. Now, whenever I get on an airplane (cross the ocean or the continent), stay a week or so in a hotel, eat at white-tablecloth restaurants, and drink too much at the fancy bar, I expect to see the charges on my Visa bill. If those charges didn’t show up, I’d kinda wonder what was going on. Myself, I know no one that would pay my bill for me.

So I’m a bit sorry he’s such a crook, but it appears justice has been done. I wonder if I’ll live long enough to hear the final telling of the Katrina story?

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