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Quiet at Quartzsite

Things are much quieter here now, and I like it. There are still the basic sellers around, but the transients have pretty much left. The best deal is that traffic is down to nothing.

Several weeks ago I spotted a refurbished Xantrax inverter at Discount Solar which looked like it would fit the bill for what I was looking for. I had a small, cheap inverter for running the TV now and then, but the remote on/off circuit failed a year or so ago. Not that much of a hassle to go outside to turn it off and on, but not ideal.

I was surprised to see that it was still at Discount, priced at one half of a new model. I chatted with the tech (a most interesting person), we hooked it up to play with it, and I bought it. It’s not new, but I saved about $160. Besides having the remote on/off functional, it’s big enough to run my microwave, which is the biggest power draw I have at 110V.

I’ll be here until later in the week.

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