Back in Yuma

It’s pretty crowded here at the VFW/BLM site, but there’s always a way to squeeze in. [The site is BLM land accessed by driving through the VFW lot, hence the name]. High on my list is wash the truck, do laundry, and watch the Super Bowl. After that I’m not sure. Weather is a tad […]

Yuma tomorrow

I want to be someplace where I can watch the Super Bowl, so I’ll go to Yuma tomorrow. For me, the Quartzsite happening gets old pretty quick, though I did find some bargains I was looking for.

Although it has been fun parking with friends, and meeting Lee and Laura who just happened to be […]

Winding down at Q

The tent show closes up tonight (I hope), and the gem shows start packing up for Tucson. Hopefully a bunch of people will leave, too, making the traffic around here closer to tolerable. I did pretty well picking up some gifts at the gem vendors, but not so well with the other junk sold here. […]

Dumb mistake at Quartzsite

I was anxious to get my new Visa card which was expiring, so I had my mail sent to Quartzsite. Dumb mistake, as I know from experience that the line at the post office is terrible. Better to send mail to Bouse or Blythe or Parker; a longer drive, but less hassle.

To make it […]

Sittin’ around at Q

I moved yesterday to another venue south of town. Rona and Linda, steve and Sandy, Mike and Sandy, Charles and Nancy are all here, Trisha will be moving down later.

So it’s a pretty good group to sit around and chat with. Last night we had a bonfire and an outdoor TV on to watch […]

All’s fine in Q

The weather is excellent, a tad cool in the morning, but sunny. Trisha pulled in here (Escapees SOLOS) today and we went down to visit with Jim and Nanc, and see Ron and Linda’s new house. Figured out where folk are going or parking so I will see them again, and more friends will be […]


I landed on the Plomosa Road venue of Q today. Things seem to be ramping up for the huge extravaganza, but right now there is plenty of room for more.

Looking forward to the gigantic RV Show, scarfing up on the bargain gems, rocks, and beads, and discovering the never-seen-before gadget at the ginormous tent […]

Whare Ya From?

That’s the most asked question a fulltimer gets. And the most difficult to answer. Well, I just came from Tucson. “Seattle” is usually the most satisfying (?) answer, likely because it places me as a radical lefty socialist not worth talking to anymore.

A variation on the question is when someone makes an assumption and […]

Just Hanging in Yuma

I like Yuma, always have. It’s small, but everything you need is easy to find. I always find agriculture communities endlessly fascinating, and the climate is great (this time of year). It’s a good place to look for RV parts, and the fresh produce is wonderful and cheap.

I went to the Arizona Market today […]


It was the usual boring drive from Tucson to Yuma. I’m at the VFW/BLM spot for a week or so, then on to Quartzsite.