I’m at the San Joaquin Road location just outside of Tucson, and it seems to be a particularly friendly group here this time. I’ll be here likely through the weekend.

Benson, AZ

The breeze and potential dust was a bit iffy this morning, but I took a chance and headed to Benson. I’m glad I did; for only the second time I had a brisk tailwind, which meant 100RPM less on the tach while cruising. Doesn’t sound like much, but the fuel savings are significant.

I’m in […]

A Good Dusting

The dust is flying, and I’m getting rocked around a bit in 50mph winds. What should happen is that it lets up this evening, then the temperature will drop. From 75 today to below freezing tomorrow morning. If it works that way I’ll be ready to move to Benson, Arizona on Monday.

So far, little dust

The warnings are still up, but so far it hasn’t been bad here at all. The wind blows here normally, and dust happens, but nothing big yet.

The New Mexican Tourism group provides a map of places to get green chili cheeseburgers, most of which are Blake’s Lotaburger stores. Lotaburger is almost entirely a New […]

Wind and dust

This is a heads-up for my traveling readers. I was expecting high winds and the inevitable dust storms tomorrow (Thursday), but now the forecast is for pretty much steady winds through the weekend, at times up to 55mph. The forecast is much the same for West Texas, and I presume southern Arizona.

Hopefully it will […]

Deming Action

For a small village Deming has a lot of good Mexican food. I make my own Mexican, but for some things like tamales, enchiladas, and rellenos I leave it to the restaurants which are good and cheap here. Yes, enchiladas are easy to make, but the cleanup is a chore. Meanwhile I can grab some […]

Windy Deming

Back in Deming. Stuck here for a bit because I’ve used up my gas money.

I got out of San Antonio early because the wind was going to pick up quicker than I planned, and moving around here in dust storms is a bad idea. I landed just as the dust started kicking up. The […]

San Antonio, NM

A tiny village along the freeway famous for two things: The Owl Cafe’s chili cheeseburger and Bosque del Apache NWR. “The Bosque” is known for it’s massive wintering Sandhill Crane flock. The Owl is known for the best hamburger in the nation.

This isn’t a waypoint for me, it’s a destination. The Birdwatchers RV Park […]

Valley of Fires

Now this is a nice place. A scenic campground near Carrizozo overlooking a large lava flow. Paved roads and parking slots, visitor center, nice amenities. And it’s BLM, so cheap with a federal pass. It’s kinda “out there” near White Sands Missle Proving Grounds and the Trinity Site. A little tornado took off the roof […]

Model Trains

Clovis was built by the Atcheson, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad and it’s still a railroad town. It’s a big switching yard, and has a diesel repair facility. The passenger station, abutted against the current BNSF mainlines, is home to a model train museum. There are several layouts designed to work by pushing a button […]