San Antonio, NM

A tiny village along the freeway famous for two things: The Owl Cafe’s chili cheeseburger and Bosque del Apache NWR. “The Bosque” is known for it’s massive wintering Sandhill Crane flock. The Owl is known for the best hamburger in the nation.

This isn’t a waypoint for me, it’s a destination. The Birdwatchers RV Park is a perfectly fine place to park, and features an owner with personality, stories to tell, and frequently found at his grill/smoker making up something. Park yourself, settle up later. Be nice and you get a good rate.

The Sandhills have wisely moved north so things are quiet here. I’ll move on to Deming tomorrow, stopping at Hatch for a chili cheeseburger. It’s been nice to move into the desert, and now I’m back in familiar territory.

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