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Model Trains

Clovis was built by the Atcheson, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad and it’s still a railroad town. It’s a big switching yard, and has a diesel repair facility. The passenger station, abutted against the current BNSF mainlines, is home to a model train museum. There are several layouts designed to work by pushing a button (like putting your hand on the glass at the department store during Christmas), the best is a replica of Clovis itself.

It takes a few minutes to realize when you are watching the model you are looking at Clovis. Turn around, and you can see the town exactly as represented on the table. The train has a camera in it’s front window, the image of what the train sees is displayed on a monitor above. Stand in the right place, and you can watch the train going through town, with you in the image, standing in front of the real town. Very clever.

For $5 you can play with trains, look at an amazing assortment of exhibits, and get a tour with explanations. Just try to stop this older couple’s narrations about the museum, their passion. Good place to check out when in Clovis, New Mexico.

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