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Deming Action

For a small village Deming has a lot of good Mexican food. I make my own Mexican, but for some things like tamales, enchiladas, and rellenos I leave it to the restaurants which are good and cheap here. Yes, enchiladas are easy to make, but the cleanup is a chore. Meanwhile I can grab some of the ingredients and local brands I like and can’t find elsewhere, and stock up until I get back.

Deming is a great place for rocks, and a day trip to Mexico. Other things have to wait until I get into a bigger city. For instance, my front door speakers quit working on my truck a while back. Yesterday I took the dash and doors apart looking for a wiring problem and found a bad speaker. There will be more choices for replacements in Tucson.

So I’m hanging here for a while, 5 or 6 days, say, then go to Benson for a few days.

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