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Seems to be a pretty good idea

For years my granddaughter’s birthday has been celebrated in the local park with a little picnic, friends and neighbors, and school friends. Nothing fancy, just a get-together in the park for an afternoon.

The kids are getting older now, 6-10 say, and they have younger sibs. So the group has grown. One comment I heard from the young parents more than just a few times was along the lines of “You know, this sure beats those kids sitting in front of the screen”.

Kids were crawling, barely walking, and running all over the lawn, digging holes in the sandbox, kicking the soccer ball, some dad brought a tee-ball setup. When I left a crew of first-grader girls were dragging fallen branches out of the woods.

I suspect that later those same first-graders will be pushing the buttons on the remote to get a movie tonight….

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