Ron and Linda showed up the other day and we’ve been doing a tourist thing so I could orient them and suggest places to go. I’m not sure yet how long they’ll stay, possibly another week.

Then, Steve and Sandy arrived yesterday with their motorhome because they’ll be going to a gathering at the fairgrounds tomorrow. They were somewhat delayed getting off Whidbey Island because of the extra-low tides and completely dense fog. Life with ferries.

Meanwhile I got the head done on the boat, and put it back in it’s storage place. I got all the unnecessary add-ons off it just in time for a yard sale here at the park this weekend. I’ve got some good stuff to sell, possibly as much as $1000 worth if any buyers show up. If I can’t unload it this weekend I’ll get rid of it one way or the other soon.

The weather has been cool at night, foggy in the mornings, warm during the day. Very nice.

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