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Second Day of legal pot

The media seems to have turned to other matters, relegating the opening of the first retail stores for pot to the file reserved for a new Michael’s or Walmart. Quite in contrast to Denver. Seattle will get more coverage a month from now at Hempfest, the largest smoke-in ever for over 20 years. But that’s next month. Now Washington can get going to do what was intended.

Washington is a “border state”. Driving down to Bellingham from Vancouver, BC to buy pot is illegal in both countries. Washington has long (40 years?) been supplied with pot from BC, generally regarded as one of the top places for quality in the world.

Warnings are going out in BC not to answer the question “Why are you coming to the US?” with “We’re going to buy legal marijuana!” Or, conversely, declare to Canada border officials you only spent $100 on some pot.

Wise minds, not dogmatic minds, are considering the loss of revenue to BC with Washington taking care of themselves. BC has been a major supplier of pot to Seattle for a long time.

So Washington has succeeded at cutting off the illegal import of pot over it’s international border.

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