First sales

A few pot stores opened today, selling a bit of product, to several buyers, for rather ridiculous prices, in front of largely disappointed media. It was not a replay of the silliness of Denver in January.

[I mean the silliness of marijuana coverage in Denver, not the Super Bowl].

I listened to the “live-from” reports on the radio while working on my boat, remodeling the head. A good boat requires a good head, then a good cook. This week, it’s the head.

My boat has a propane stove. The tank is located on the flying bridge, has a hose perhaps 30 feet long that snakes to the galley. The tank is so old it can’t be refilled, and I can’t stand the idea of propane on a boat. Loose propane in an RV goes to the floor, where you can put a propane detector/alarm. Loose propane in a boat goes into the bilge along with the engine, batteries, and engine oil. Makes me nervous, but I haven’t figured out what to do about it.

Can’t have a cook without a stove, can’t have a stove without fuel.

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