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My house has wheels

Things change quickly

Last week I had a “heart event” and spent three days in the hospital, mainly for tests. It’s been seven years since my bypasses and I haven’t had any problems since.

I was taught back then how and when to use nitroglycerin, which includes the step “Call 911”. I did, and the EMS guys gave me another nitro and 4 chewable aspirin. This likely saved my life. But, I waited far too long before making the move.

Tests show another blockage on the heart, and some small amount of damage to the heart muscle. The fix is a tough problem, and requires another test (an MRI on the heart) in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I’m living on a brute-force medication to keep the blood flowing.

I’m still on my temporary lot while the septic system is replaced behind my regular lot. I was surprised to see that my entire lot has been excavated down to 8 feet, leaving the shed and the concrete pad on top of mesas. The work is moving efficiently, though.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring….