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My house has wheels

Changed Lots

I moved onto another lot to allow construction of a new septic system behind my lot. I have zero brown sheds in my view and look directly on trees. This is perfectly acceptable to me for the next 2-4 weeks.

I haven’t written much about legal marijuana lately. I presume those interested in the topic can find their own way around current events that interest them. The surprisingly large number of states passing laws has grown so fast as to defy generalizations.

I watch WA, OR, and CA when it comes to legislation, regulation, and culture. They have VERY distinct differences, much more so than I thought possible.

As more states legalize, or bring up medical programs, the patchwork of different laws, rules, and cultures increases. This will be a royal pain in the ass as we start to talk about the differences over state-line borders about taxes, interstate commerce, and conflicting criminal laws. Unfortunately, federal changes won’t help much as the state systems will be quite solidified.