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My house has wheels

Not my style…

While I have to move onto another lot for a few weeks, it’s not that big a deal. I’ve done that operation nearly a thousand times.

My neighbor, though, arrived about 6 years ago in their Class B Leprechaun (about 32 feet) and hasn’t moved it since. They bought it in Ohio, drove to Chimacum, and that’s the way it’s been ever since. Now he has to move his rig.

They quickly filled the lot’s shed, then added one of the Rubbermaid outdoor storage boxes on the lot. That grew to 4.

He’s an inventor or engineer. They have what we in RV’ing refer to as a “black water tank” problem: He insists on emptying and cleaning his tank DAILY. To that end, he invented an elaborate plumbing system to accomplish that task, almost permanently installed. As elaborate as it is, it still requires he sits outdoors in the rain every day to run the valves and such.

Now he has to move his rig, as well as the storage boxes. Which means dismantling his tank cleaning system. He’s run the engine on the Class B once a month quite faithfully. Last summer he installed a tire-inflation system consisting of a pump and lines which ran to all the tires, which had gradually lost pressure over 5 years. That had to be dismantled as well, of course. There’s also a satellite TV system, and what the hell he’s done with the propane tanks I can’t see and don’t want to know.

Maybe some people just aren’t made for the RV life….

PS Our park requires that all rigs be road-legal and movable at all times. I have my doubts about some of the park models here, though.