Marty's Travels

My house has wheels


While in Fort Bragg, I went into the clinic to have a lump on my arm identified. I was advised to get home to my doctor quickly.

My goal for this two-month trip was to see if I could fill up 2 months by spending a week or two here and there at my favorite places. To return home, I’d have to cut the experiment in half. And return to Chimacum much sooner than planned, which might be impacted by the septic replacement going on behind my lot.

I stayed out my week at Fort Bragg and headed north on 101 as quickly as possible. After 5 days I was in Newport, OR, and made the decision to use I-5 (ugh) and go for it. I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday.

Pulling up to my lot it was obvious the planned septic replacement hadn’t happened. Oh well, I’ll hear later what the deal is.

My doctor took a biopsy and sent it off to the lab, and told me we’d hear later in the week what kind of cancer it is. So I’m waiting for that.

Meanwhile, one of the park’s board members came by and told me I had to move off my lot next week because the work was starting. I was pissed, and he was deeply sorry. Later I remembered that I had planned this trip with a return date of June 1, which would have worked had I not been identified as having skin cancer.

Today I worked with the office and picked a lot I could use for the next month or whatever. It’s big attraction: Not a brown shed in sight of my windows.

Happy Tuesday.