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My house has wheels

Back in regular lot

I moved back to my own lot after the contractors rebuilt the septic system behind me. I have a net loss of square footage now to allow for the larger footprint of the system. And, all new fresh gravel in the wrong places.

Monday is my MRI on my heart, and I expect in a few days I’ll be going in for an angioplasty to set a stent. Consequently I am foregoing the chore of moving gravel around until after things settle down on that front.

My neighbor, the one who had his RV so permanently installed on his lot, took a big hit with loss of space for his plastic storage sheds. But, he had extra gravel put in to level out his rig when he moved in, which was removed during construction. So he did the expected thing and ordered up some more to be put on his lot.

That was done, except it was dumped about 6 feet away from where he wanted it. Now he’s moving it, reminding me how nice it would be with a known good heart. I hope he knows that.