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Happenings this week

I finally did a walk-on and went to the Public Market in Seattle the other day, my favorite place to visit there. There are about a half-dozen eateries that I count as favorites, so when I only have a day it’s a tough decision for lunch. It was a nice trip.

Dave and Kathy moved to an RV park on nearby Marrowstone Island, a place with more comfortable accommodations than the Escapee park, given they plan on staying for a month. She made us an authentic Southern fried-chicken dinner last night, as good as the best I had while traveling down there. Much better than what I’ve tried at the new Southern restaurant here in Port Townsend.

The Port Townsend Brewery held a beer-and-BBQ party today so Dave and I went up there for some tasting, some lunch, and I needed to restock my supply at home. He won a door prize of BBQ sauces and rubs, so the trip paid off pretty well.

The weather has been excellent, and the peaches from Yakima began arriving this week, meaning there will now be a plethora of choices of fresh fruits and vegetables. I can’t store much, unfortunately, but I did freeze some blue berries for later eating this winter.

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