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Books I Read

Most everyone that reads this knows that I don’t watch TV, instead burning up the hours reading. Very seldom (ever?) have I mentioned what I read, or why. That’s partly because I think a lot of folks aren’t avid readers and don’t care, and partly because I regard my reading tastes are my own and you probably don’t want to hear about it.

This post is not about books or authors but about what I read and why, which I hope will prepare you for future posts about specific books.

My college degree is officially a Bachelor’s in Political Science, but I specialized in Political Philosophy. My purpose in attending college was the deferment from the draft (1968-1972) and it mattered not what I “studied”, so long as it was easy. I had a talent for computers, but you couldn’t get out of the draft for that. I bet you could today. I barely got out with a degree (but had my life) and it was only as I was leaving that I really wished I had studied history.

So I looked forward to reading history when I retired and went on the road. So that’s my “heavy” reading, history.

When I get through a heavy volume I turn to “light” reading, mysteries, westerns, and science fiction. The New Yorker is a requirement of mine, can’t do without it.

So regular readers can expect me to talk about books I’ve read or reading. I won’t do a book report or a critique, but will try whenever I can to show how the book relates to my lifestyle.

So be warned. I’ll be talking about books.

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