Washington state pot regulation this session

The governor signed into law 2 bills that dealt with some miscellaneous, though important, issues dealing with the state’s marijuana regulations. I highlighted the most significant points earlier.

It cannot be said that the legislature is advancing the state of the art in cannabis regulation; very little will be of interest to other states in any significant way. Part of this is likely because the lawmakers are taking a wait and see approach regarding the uncertain federal position. But another part is that it doesn’t look to me that the industry is organized enough to deliver consistent and emphatic messages to the reps. They need to get it together and go to work now on their message now in preparation for next year.

I was impressed at how knowledgeable the legislature members are on the subject, something that is sorely missing in most other states, especially the eastern seaboard. And they seem to be accommodating to the industry’s needs when they are informed on the issues.

Washington is doing well with it’s program, but there are a lot of annoying features that can be adjusted. We hopefully will know more about the feds next year, and the industry might be a little more organized and aggressive then, too. Meanwhile, they are functioning…

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