Nevada Pot Laws

I like how Nevada is handling it’s new recreational marijuana laws. Like a few other states, their initiative passed last fall with a deadline of January 2018 for implementation. I think all states would say 1 year is too short a time to get operational. Nevada’s approach is that the tax collection system is now ready to go, and stores can open July 1. The rest of the boring stuff can wait until January.

This will create a rush to pay the license fees (not insubstantial), then very quickly there will be a reliable revenue stream when sales start to compensate for the costs of developing regulations.

Industry people say Nevada has a glut of pot right now, so it should be able to absorb initial demand. I’m suspicious of that because Nevada’s market is it’s tourists.

I applaud Nevada for so adroitly side-stepping most of the pitfalls other states have experienced, temporarily, and being completely straight where the state’s priorities are.

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