Spring in Port Townsend

Over the weekend, Washington State added a second ferry to the Port Townsend–Whidbey Island route to handle the tourist load for the summer.

I usually get here while the Brant (like a Canada goose) are still hanging out on that tiny gravel spit at Point Hudson. It’s only about 100 birds, but the flock is reliable. They packed up and left for the north the other day. They won’t be seen again until Fall.

The boatyard is looking empty now. The Alaska fleet has left for the season. The boatyard looks to me like it’s very underutilized: there’s a monstrous amount of empty space.

And, this weekend is the signature civic PT summer festival, the Rhody Festival (parades, carnival, car show). It’s unfortunate they schedule it this time of year given the weather, and the Rhodies are better in a couple of weeks.

And sun is forecast for the next few days….

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