Stopped in Bandon

Getting hung up on the Oregon Coast is actually a privilege.

I can get to Chimacum in one day, which means the truck in “D” for 8 hours. Or I can find pull-offs for sleep in truck stops or Walmarts or the like. I want to do neither in a rain storm.

The next […]

Hung up

My plan was to “do” the Oregon coast at favorite stopping places, but now everything is closed, including RV parks. The state parks are closed, leaving no place to put an RV safely.

So I signed on for a couple more days at the RV park I’m in to see what happens next. Things […]

Bandon, OR

It’s a rain event for a few days then I’ll move northward.

I’m bored. Bandon is slow this time of year in the best of times, but now the place is dead. It’s a bummer not to be able to get fish and chips and sit wharfside watching sea gulls.

Luckily I have a […]

Crescent City, CA

One night here, then to Bandon, OR for a few nights to wait out a rain event. I’m trying to pick up my pace a bit to get to the peninsula sooner.

Not many people around. Yesterday I went to Murphy’s market in Arcata to get a few things and it was very slow. […]

California Restrictions

Bars are closed, but pot shops are “essential” and open. I can think of a couple of bars that are essential to some of their customers. To the advantage of everyone in the community, bars need to be regulated like pot stores, open but with proactive social distancing rules.

Otherwise, back doors will open, […]


I’ll be here for three nights. After I got parked, there was a 5.2 earthquake. There was a 5.8 about a week ago. No biggie but it makes you look up. RVs are always good places to be in quakes.

My plan for moving north seems to be working. Bars and restaurants are closed, […]


Looks to me like a panic is starting.

For the record, I do not trust Dear Leader at all. Luckily I have plenty of other sources for information. I am continually examining my strategy and will remain with my, usual, drive up 101.

Gasoline is a resource I require at regular intervals. I can […]


I’m in Fort Bragg along CA-1 at an RV park on a point over a tiny bay of the Pacific Ocean. The weather is exactly as I’d expect in the northwest along the coast: sun now, rain later, then sun, then rain, etc. The Mendocino coast is beautiful even in bad weather.

Regarding […]

Washington State Social Equity Program?

Washington passed a law to address “Social Equity” which aims to compensate for the harm done to neighborhoods and people especially damaged by the War on Drugs. In other states this involves assuring that victims can get cannabis licenses, past criminal records are expunged, and those in prison for now-legal offenses are released. The […]

Ukiah, Mendocino County

I’ll be a couple of days, then likely head over to Fort Bragg later. Watching the weather, which is perfect right now.