I’ll be here for three nights. After I got parked, there was a 5.2 earthquake. There was a 5.8 about a week ago. No biggie but it makes you look up. RVs are always good places to be in quakes.

My plan for moving north seems to be working. Bars and restaurants are closed, but groceries and gas stations are open. Other stores seem to be hit and miss.

The groceries in Fort Bragg weren’t any problem. I am very anxious to hear why toilet paper was the focus of so many. Besides sanitizer, the other weird thing was that tortillas were cleaned off the shelves, which I’ve heard applies to other places as well. The Mendo coast is not a Latino kinda place, stores there don’t have tortilla machines for instance. Puzzling.

Travelers along 101 likely know the “One Log Tree House”, a redwood log hollowed out and fitted out like an RV. I stopped today at the One Log House pot dispensary. It’s not in the log, which would be better, but next door in a gift shop. There is a cannabis farm next door and the store is selling their own product. Prices are quite low, so it might be worth a stop just to say you’ve been there. Otherwise, don’t bother.

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