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Looks to me like a panic is starting.

For the record, I do not trust Dear Leader at all. Luckily I have plenty of other sources for information. I am continually examining my strategy and will remain with my, usual, drive up 101.

Gasoline is a resource I require at regular intervals. I can imagine there will be ideas about cleaning gas pump handles, but then that concept has never ever been considered. Notwithstanding, I’ll make an effort to run off the top of my fuel tank. Stop for gas more often, use a dirty handle more often, leave my virus’ behind at more places.

I have a “script” of places to park along 101, which are characterized by being lightly used, but a panic might hit the operators of those places and they’ll shut down. I’ll continue as normal, and if I do see this happening somewhere I’ll always have a nearby backup in mind.

Grocery stores will no doubt turn into a hassle, for no reason other than panic. To compensate I will buy extra stuff, thinking ahead further to minimize my trips. I need to fill up my freezer with frozen food, not my usual fare, just in case. I counted the number of toilet rolls in my RV, and I calculate I have enough until February 2021.

As is usual with my drive northward this time of year, the trees are blossoming out, the fields are greening and blooming, and the landscape is becoming beautiful as I follow Spring. I am allergic to the pollen this time of year, so I frequently have a runny nose, sometimes a cough, and sneezing episodes. I expect few social interactions for a while, but I must remember to expect questions about this.

That’s all I can come with right now, but I’ll check again tomorrow to see what the new situation is.

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