Colorado National Monument

National Monuments are something of significant interest worthy to be temporarily protected by the President of the US. This one is a series of canyons just across the river from the town. It’s main feature is a road with astounding views. Nice place for the locals, but it’s not a national attraction.

I wondered about […]

Pot in the western states

Here are my observations as I traveled though legal states. I didn’t study the situation too closely, these are just general observations.

Yakima County and the City of Yakima spend way too much time and money fighting the inevitable and they’ve ended up with basically what they should have done 6 years ago. What I […]

Palisade, Colorado (Grand Junction)

I’m not where I planned to be, the idea was to cross the Rockies on I-70, get through Denver and then decide what the next move is.

From Baker I ended up in Salina, UT at the wrong rv park. But I did make it to Green River, UT and picked up some melons. I […]

Baker, NV

A lot of my readers will know the Border Inn near Baker, on the NV/UT border. It’s a shitty little gas/motel/store/rv park in a crappy-looking desert. But it’s a good launch spot to go half way across Utah tomorrow, a very uninteresting drive.

The drives have been long through the deserts, but the weather has […]


Winnemucca, NV is always a stop for me, whether for a night or for a week. One night this time.

The SE Oregon deserts are desolate and isolated, but the road is a great one for eating up miles with the least effort. Save the road itself, there are few signs in places that humans […]


I haven’t had a “down” day since I left PT last week, so I’m in Malheur for two nights, and doing nothing of any value.

I’ve been visiting this place for about 30 years, mainly for it’s birding. I watched as a gravel corner at an intersection (rare thing around here) grew into a corner […]

Doing things in Bend

This is an interesting town. It’s sprawley, and navigation is confusing. They seem to love roundabouts which are everywhere, but traffic isn’t bad at all. Once a huge lumber town, it’s now tourism, retirement, commercial center for the region, and packed with breweries and brewpubs. I went to the The Old Mill District hoping for […]


I’ve not spent any time in Bend, and I needed to do some shopping for my truck, so it’s Bend for a few days. I’m impressed at first look, so am looking forward to exploring a bit.

And then bye to Yakima

As usual, it’s tough leaving Yakima, and saying goodbye to a lot of friends. I dropped by the Glenn Cassidy Golf Tournament for a bit, but the biggest thing was my 50th high school reunion. I was apprehensive about doing that, but it worked out well. Two evenings of chatting with best friends and others […]

Saying Bye to PT

Tomorrow I’ll head to Yakima, a much-anticipated change of scenery. Not that the scenery around here is bad, but one can get too much of a good thing.

But I won’t be able to see the solution of a problem that cropped up in town this summer. Both the state and the city resurfaced their […]