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I haven’t had a “down” day since I left PT last week, so I’m in Malheur for two nights, and doing nothing of any value.

I’ve been visiting this place for about 30 years, mainly for it’s birding. I watched as a gravel corner at an intersection (rare thing around here) grew into a corner store, gas pumps, restaurant/bar, and then an RV park. Eleven years ago I camped at the south end of the refuge (40 miles away), and promised myself the next time I’d try the RV park. “The Narrows” it’s called.

And a good one it is. I remember the trees being planted as seedlings, now they are obstacles which make it tricky to park. It’s a well-run place, very neat and clean. They’ll give any discount, mine was 2 nights for one with Escapees. Now, you are a ways out in the middle of nowhere. It’s been said that I am as far away from an interstate highway than any other spot in the lower 48.

For things to do around here, it’s bird-watching. And this is not a good time to be here. However, even bad birding at Malheur is pretty impressive, especially at the visitor’s center. And my truck has yet to ride on gravel roads.

My plan is to head for I-70 in Nevada, then head south to Ely, then east to Green River, Utah. Green River was my target when I left PT because it has a melon festival about now. Plus, I avoid Salt Lake City. After that, I’ll pick a pass over the Rockies.

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