Palisade, Colorado (Grand Junction)

I’m not where I planned to be, the idea was to cross the Rockies on I-70, get through Denver and then decide what the next move is.

From Baker I ended up in Salina, UT at the wrong rv park. But I did make it to Green River, UT and picked up some melons. I also had a tire swapped with my spare because the it was wearing out quickly. This needs serious mechanical work which I need to get done before continuing further. Grand Junction is the natural choice for this type of stuff, but I don’t know where to go. And it’s the weekend.

Just to confuse things, there’s a big bike ride here this weekend filling up the parks and rv parks. That’s why I’m in Palisade, the nearest rv parking place with a vacancy.

I-70 is the most scenic interstate in the nation. I always turn off south to Moab, so the stretch up to Vail I haven’t traveled on yet.

Palisade is alongside the Colorado, in between two mesas. It’s a cute town, filled with winerys and peach sellers. Peaches were the last thing I expected to come across, and they are very good (I didn’t expect grapes here, either). The rv park I found is next to a bend in river, an old peach orchard being converted to a top-notch rv place, only a year old. It’s a very nice place, but pricey, too much for me if I need to wait around for shop time. I’m thinking of moving after the bikers leave town.

So I’m broken down in a place I know nothing about, in a region with gorgeous scenery, a million things to see and do, at one of the nicest rv parks I’ve seen. More later…

PS. Grand Junction has some very strange roundabouts chained together which is terribly confusing, but it also has a freeway interchange where you drive on the left side of the road. Bizarre.

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