Pot: Colorado has uncovered another glitch

Pueblo County in Colorado has been conducting raids on illegal cannabis grows, which is to say growing operations without licenses. It looks like Colorado pot is valuable for it’s reputation on the black market in the illegal states, is closer to them physically, and it’s easier to operate as a pirate within the legal environment. […]

Truck work

Last week I replaced a pair of tires (because I do every summer), which didn’t fix a bouncing or hopping sensation, especially when braking. I’ll work on that one tomorrow.

Today I had my regular shop try to find a slow coolant leak that I’ve had for months now. I probably could just add water […]

It’s warm here

I’ve got 86 degrees here tonight, which sets an all-time record for April in the Seattle area. It’ll cool off a bit tonight, then who knows, we may not see 86 again until July.

It’s still spring though and the flowers are excellent. I come up with an excuse to visit a neighbor town just […]

Pot: Cannabis Testing Laboratories

Washington has suspended the license for one of it’s 15 marijuana testing laboratories, which is basically a death sentence for that business. Apparently, no one failed any of the tests this lab did, and no one got a failing report, which defies common sense.

Since the lab was located in Poulsbo, not far from where […]

Pot: Interesting comparison

Seattle, population 669,000, has 50 growers/processors and 42 stores.

Portland, population 620,000, has 75 growers/producers and 164 stores.

Denver, population 664,000, has 310 growers/processors and 220 stores.

The Denver citizens are debating whether they might have too many marijuana operations, especially when they are clustered in poorer and minority neighborhoods. This clustering was an unanticipated […]

Pot: 91 Million in Washington

91 million dollars in cannabis sales in March beats February sales by 10 million dollars. This growth is because the unregulated medical marijuana market is being folded into the recreational program run by the Liquor and Cannabis Board. By July 1 this project should be complete.

The state of Washington gets 37% of this money. […]

Pot: The Newbie states

I follow marijuana de-prohibition efforts in the west, but also country-wide. 24 states have some form of legal marijuana, but the others have been looking at the subject during their legislative sessions.

When edibles come up, every state wrestles with a solution to this perceived problem. Edibles are food made with marijuana extracts, mainly THC. […]