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Pot: 91 Million in Washington

91 million dollars in cannabis sales in March beats February sales by 10 million dollars. This growth is because the unregulated medical marijuana market is being folded into the recreational program run by the Liquor and Cannabis Board. By July 1 this project should be complete.

The state of Washington gets 37% of this money. The feds get their share without allowing deductions for cost of business, and of course all these transactions are done in cash money. Handling 50 and 100 dollar bills makes it seem more like Iraq than America.

The “Green Rush” is the tag put on these rising amounts of money in Colorado and Washington and is attracting attention from investors. Oregon and Alaska are coming online, then the biggie is California.

I’m predicting monthlies in Washington will settle at about 125 million per month after the medical folk are folded in. There will still be a significant, but small, black market.

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